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“So now come with me to the cold North Atlantic Sea
Where the velvet night pours its stars into the ocean
Scattering them across its surface:
Black as onyx; Still as glass; Deep as eternity
And in the eternal deep
To the frozen deep
Where the wreckage of a dream
Lies at anchor in the starless night . . .”

And so begins a mystical, stylized musical journey down to the decaying ruin of the Titanic and the ghosts that haunt it.  In this soaring melodic and emotional fantasy, voices from the past bring both the tragedy and the ironic humor to life. 

The phantom passengers include the wealthy and famous, such as John Jacob Astor and Isador and Ida Strauss; and the infamous like Jan Yates, a fugitive gambler traveling under a pseudonym, and a gigolo who romanced and proposed to the many rich young women. There are also the heroes, like Wallace Hartley the violinist who, along with his fellow musicians played for the passengers until the bitter end; and finally, the forgotten, including the steerage passengers and the staff and crew, all trapped forever in the rusting remains of a dream.


As the telegraph signal taps out SOS, the audience is taken down to the depths where the great prow of the mighty Titanic looms through the mist, and where Captain Smith is still at the wheel trying to bring his passengers home safe from the sea; standing at the prow, an Irish girl tries to remember who she is, trapped in a strange dream between Heaven and the mythical shores of Tiŕ na n-óg; Jack Phillips, at the telegraph key, trying frantically to reach someone in the cold, deaf night.

GHOSTS OF THE TITANIC is a powerful theatrical event that honors the dead while celebrating life.

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